In Aüakt "well-being" is not an objective, it is a way of life. Healthy, up-to-date, fun and social. Starting from the product, the origin and the traceability, we propose a menu for an audience open to a healthy life that enjoys the moment and flees from boredom. Our philosophy is reflected in the ability to change from morning to night. Healthy breakfasts, balanced lunches and fun dinners.In


EAT & DRINK We respect the product and prioritize the good raw material by offering a quality proposal. The result is four menus: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner that overflow authenticity: Hearty Breakfast, Me Eating Point, Lazy Afternoon and Dinner Ritual. Open non-stop kitchen from morning to night. The signature cocktail menu follows the same premises: fresh products, "low sugar" and "low alcohol".



We demystify HEALTHY. Healthy does not have to be boring, nor low in calories, tasteless or sacrificed. Healthy means good product, good raw materials and maximum respect to the product, from there YOU CHOOSE.